I Never Expected to Lose Friends

A friend of mine said to make a list about how I planned to parent and then read it for a laugh a year or two down the line. There are many things on that list that totally did not happen as planned (that is a story for another day) but one of them was that I was not going to lose friends just because I was now a parent. Long story short, I totally did.

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Working Mom Q & A: Laura-Kim le Roux


When conceptualizing this website something I was most excited about was the idea of interviewing working mothers and sharing their stories with other moms particularly because I knew so few working mothers myself.

Here is my first ever Working Mom SA Q & A with Laura-Kim le Roux. Laura-Kim is a Social Media Consultant, Freelance Writer and Blogger who has four children: Cameron 13, Kiara 11, Jack 4 and Emma 2. Continue reading “Working Mom Q & A: Laura-Kim le Roux”