July 2016 – My Life

You’ll notice that I disappeared for a while. Life got busy and I felt that I wanted to change the tone of this blog slightly. I want it to stay blatantly honest but I also feel that it was becoming a bit Debby-Downer. So going forward I will try focus on publishing more positive/encouraging content although I can’t promise that I will be packing away my soapbox. Surely, healthy debate is positive in its own way?

As this blog very much flows from whatever happens to be on my mind, I think it’s definitely time to start checking my thoughts and focusing on having a more positive attitude to life. So part of that challenge will be to share what has inspired me positively.

I am currently loving putting together fun activities for my toddler and keep wanting to share them but, wow, my photography skills are lacking! I think maybe I must just get over that and start sharing? That said I do intend to improve my photography skills as much as possible.

I have been reflecting a lot lately about where I currently am in life and where I want to be. What makes me happy and what gets me down. I have realised, that I too easily focus on what I want to achieve next, that I don’t enjoy the now and things that I have accomplished already. Like our little home. I should share the story of our home one day. I am extremely grateful for this little place where we live and all the sacrifices and effort it took my husband and I to be able to live here.

Part of this reflecting has forced me to look inside of myself and acknowledge that a lot of my own unhappiness in life is my inability to set boundaries for those around me. In any area of my life. I was chatting to my sister about this the other day (I need to write a post about my sister one day because that will definitely be a post full of gratitude) and she said that on the very rare occasions when she has seen me say no she has nearly fallen over backwards because it is so unexpected. I have decided to take a more active role in bringing healthy boundaries into my life so expect a few posts about that and the inevitable skills I will need to learn when implementing them. Does change, especially when bringing new boundaries into relationships, ever not hurt or cause some level of discomfort? But the results are happier and healthier relationships – well at least I hope – watch this space.

So what am I doing to thrive on this new journey as a working mom? I am learning the value of boundaries and their importance across every aspect of my life. I am learning that the absence of boundaries, is not you giving your all, because eventually there will be a break down in the relationship without them. That sometimes saying no is more responsible than trying to please everyone and meet all the expectations around you. Is this even possible – and is our purpose in life to just survive while we desperately attempt to please people with little thought as to whether this is really what is best for everyone around you in the greater scheme of things.

Have you had to make boundaries in your life? How did it go? What worked and what didn’t?


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