Time Saver: Umatie

I am not a chef but before having children I used to love baking and throwing tea parties and dinner parties but I just do not have the time anymore. Our general strategy is to live off of as many marked down prepared meals from Pick n Pay as possible and when there aren’t any available in store or in the deep freeze we split the cooking duties. Not the most wholesome strategy I know, but it  is a survival tactic at this point. I do however stress that my little one needs to eat healthily even on the nights when we don’t and this is where Umatie comes to the rescue. 

There was a time where I made all my own baby food – I’ll blog about that another day because I had a really cool efficient system going – but now with my picky toddler I am struggling to get a variety of foods into my child in a way that is yummy enough to convince him to eat it. And yet I have found that there is not one Umatie that we have tried that he doesn’t eat. Can I say lifesaver? Also the food still looks like food – not congealed gloop.

Why I Love Umatie:

  1. Their foods contain a wide variety of healthy ingredients
  2. It still looks like real food – sounds like a weird comment but lots of baby and toddler food does not
  3. It taste yummy
  4. My picky eater loves it – the only options we have not tried are the fish options because we have fish allergies in our house
  5. I totally do not feel guilty about feeding my little one this and not my cooking – it’s better than anything I can whip up
  6. It’s relatively affordable
  7. Their packaging is eco friendly and biodegradable so I do not feel bad about packaging waste.

If you live in Cape Town I definately recommend trying their food out. Do you know of any other companies that offer similar services that you would totally recommend? Let me know!



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