Working Father’s Out Earn Childless Men

In a recent article published by the BBC they mentioned that “on average, fathers working full time get a 21% “wage bonus”. This is according to a study based on 17,000 workers.

Another interesting statistic from this study is that fathers with two children earned a further 9% more than those with just one, found the study by centre-left think tank IPPR for the TUC.

In contrast to the fathers, full-time working mothers suffered what they call a “wage penalty”, and typically earn 11% less than their childless colleagues.

This of course begs the question of why? Why are fathers out earning mothers? According to the report, the reasons for the “fatherhood bonus” were not clear, though they speculated that they were likely to relate to hours worked, increased effort and positive discrimination.

According to official labour market statistics,   full-time working men with dependent children worked on average half an hour longer each week than men without children. These statistics also show that full-time working women with children worked around an hour less a week than those without children.

We can fight and beg that women not be discriminated against in the workplace but perhaps the situation is a little more complicated. Perhaps equality at home is also a necessity before the inequality in the workplace can be addressed. One has to ask the question as to whether the fathers are carrying an equal load of the house work and child rearing responsibilities?

If the posts on Cape Town Mamahood are anything to go by, many men are not sharing the load at home equally irrespective of whether the mother works. Perhaps when the mother works the father takes on more of the responsibilities than they would have should the mother have been a stay at home mother but very often not an equal load.

What can change this situation? In my humble opinion the fight for equality starts in the home and not in the workplace. This is perhaps the hardest battle to fight. Surely a father refusing to do his share of the work at home is a form of oppression? And yet many husbands who undoubtably love their wives are unwilling to change and do their bit. Why is that? Perhaps because society is happy to condone their behaviour. I have many female friends who praise any man for doing absolutely anything around the house because their husbands most certainly would not. Surely by behaving like this society is reinforcing the idea that men doing anything to help is acceptable and praiseworthy? Sorry but that is not good enough. #SorryNotSorry

Come on women, let’s stop coddling our men and let’s demand that they step up and own their share of responsibility. THEN we will praise them for being good fathers and husbands. We are enabling them to oppress us. I think if your partners are truly love and respect you they will step up and meet your expectations and respect your right to be an equal.


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