One Month Of No Sugar

Today marks one full month of sticking to my no sugar diet. To find out my diet rules click here.

So what has changed:

  • I am experiencing less energy dips and my moods are definately more stable because my ‘hungry monster’ has been less ferocious and active.
  • The first week or two forced me to really do some self analysis and I realised just how unhealthy I am in terms of diet, exercise, stress and sleep patterns. I am now looking at broadening my changes to start making other changes in my life.
  • For some reason the self control I have forced myself to have over my diet is spilling over into other areas of my life – for example my house is definately cleaner and neater.
  • I would like to say that my skin is a bit better but I do not know whether that is just floek so we will wait and see.
  • When I actually manage to get into bed I am falling asleep much faster.
  • Although I am not limiting my intake of food, I am still losing weight. It is hard to know though how much can be put down to my new diet and how much is due to a sick toddler who refuses all food except breastmilk whenever he gets sick which has been a lot in the last few weeks.

So now what:

  • I am planning to stick with this diet indefinitely and am enjoying the effect it is having on my life so that is a great motivation.
  • I believe that should we decide to have more children in the future that my fertility would be improved by not eating sugar.
  • I am fully considering letting myself have a treat today or tomorrow as a reward but am skeptical as to whether it is worth it as I generally like to treat sugar as an addiction. If I do, it would have to be something awesome like a Cinnabon, Nutella, or scone cake. One day I will consider sharing my scone cake recipe. It is by far my favourite cake in the world!

What motivates you to stick to your diet?


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