Mother’s Day Wish List

Being a mom can be hard work and I totally feel like Mother’s Day is a justified time to get spoilt. Here are some tips for a great Mother’s Day – Love, I hope that you are reading this! 

  • Please skip cycling today and spend the morning with our cherub making me breakfast in bed while I sleep late. Please note that popping by the shop to buy brekkie also counts as “making” breakfast. A banana free Gem smoothie from Kauai bought with your Discovery vouchers is a totally valid option.
  • Pop by Aunty Woolly or the Picky Payer to buy whatever it is that we need to contribute to the family lunch.
  • A cute picture of you two always makes my heart melt. Add our bunnies into the equation and you are sure to have created the most adorable photo known to mankind.
  • Extra cuddles and kisses from my two favourite boys.
  • Now that our toddler has decided he likes singing, a super cute song coordinated by dad would make me smile from ear to ear.
  • Also feel free to buy me any of the following:

Le Creuset Mug

  • Le Creuset Mugs, R220.00 (but I heard that you could use Discovery Miles for this)

Scatter Cushion

Shaggy Pillow

Today is the perfect day to start living your dream

Throw from Yuppie Chef



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